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Three Sided Soft Hair Tooth Toothbrush

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V-shaped three-sided toothbrush-any blind area can be easily cleaned, from "tooth" to love brushing!

V-shaped wrapped brush head, all-round clean and no dead ends, Compared with ordinary toothbrushes, the cleaning effect is greatly improved. Brush head designed for the size of the mouth--Use soft rubber wrap to prevent the teeth from colliding with the brush head, giving the child better protection of health.

Teeth Black Technology--Significantly improve the cleansing of the blind area, Gentle care for sensitive gums--The bristles are made of DuPont bristles, and the tip is rounded, which can effectively prevent bleeding from the gums and is more suitable for sensitive teeth.


  • Handy Toothbrush: Our V-shaped toothbrush is possible to cover different sides of the teeth and completely wrap the teeth. It can incline 45 degrees scientifically, which can clean the food in the gaps between the teeth and gums, reduce the risk of tooth decay and protect the health of the teeth.
  • ∡Superior Material: This children toothbrush is suitable for children to use because its bristles are made of smooth, soft, safe, and durable PBT material. It is fully safe for kids.
  • ∡Simple to Grip: You will never worry about the three-sided toothbrush falling off because it has a non-slip and round handle, easily fitting the curvature of the hand.
  • ∡Handy Design: Comes with the raised tongue scraper on the back, our toothbrush is functional for you to clean tongue coating or massage your tongue, helping save you from bad breath.
  • ∡Wide Usable Ranges: Whether adults or children can rest assured to use our toothbrush, which is helpful to help clean teeth, remove food between gaps, and take care of their family's dental health.

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