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100% Reusable. Eco-friendly!

Stop Using Lint Rollers That Don't Work!

We know how hard it is to stop your lovely pets from climbing & leaving strands of hair all over your furniture and clothes.
It doesn’t matter if you are using it on your bed sheet, carpet, couches, sofa, car seat or clothes.
The Fur Buster™ Roller effortlessly removes pet hair from all kinds of furniture!


When rolled back & forth, the "special pores" of the Fur Buster™ generates an electrostatic charge which helps lift and pull hair out of your furniture - even the short sticky ones like husky or chihuahuas!

"Ineeded something to help combat the fur problem we have with 2 huskies.This Fur Buster roller works great I wish I found it sooner. I use iton my couches and bedspread.

Can’t believe how much hair this picks up. We go through way too many sheets of the lint roller so this cuts it back big time."  

Lauren S.   


 The collected pet hair will be deposited in the back compartment for easy cleaning.

The Fur Buster™ works on pet hair of all length, regardless it’s long or short, thick or thin.

100% Reusable | Eco-friendly | No Batteries Needed!

"TheFur Buster is the holy grail of lint rollers. I have a double coatbreed service dog, and two long hair cats. Needless to say my life wasbasically one giant fur storm." 
- Roux   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Catch Each Single Pet Hair!

Remove pet hair in a second. This pet hair remover roller can easily clean cat/dog hair from your bed, furniture, couch, sofa, chair, car, carpet, and so on. Note: Not suitable for smooth, hard surfaces like wood, tile, and concrete; wet surfaces; clothing and thin carpets
  • “The hairy remover is great, fulfills what is explained in the video. 5 star seller. The order arrived very quickly..”
    • Richard Depp

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